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Make Collection
$ 30
Current version:1.0
First release publish date:2015-08-08
Last version publish date:2015-08-08
Platform: Windows
File size:5 396 264 байт (5 МБ)
MD5 hash:7c6e4bcd0500d95a80a25fc9d8b14169
Make the collection!
The program "Make Collection" is designed to create collections of images, audio files, video and text files from the information posted on public websites. The main feature of the program is the ability to select the name of a stored objects using analysis HTML code or manually. The program allows you to store the files in a separate directory or export them to database SQLite. Another useful feature is to download a list of files.

Payment for the program by credit card with a secure payment service Avangate. In addition to credit card the service provides other payment methods (PayPal, Bank / Wire Transfer, etc.)